West Hollywood always gets crazed when election season rolls around, and this one has been no different. In fact, with a term-limit ballot measure added to an already combustible City Council race, 2013 could be one for the history books.

So it may be good for everyone that comedian Matt Ralston is looking to run for a seat on the City Council. If his campaign video is any indication, West Hollywood voters may be treated to more than a few laughs.

According to his Twitter account, Ralston is a working comedian who has gigs all over the country and a regular show at the Hollywood Improv.

Want an example of Ralston's talent? Here's a tweet from Nov. 29: “Homeless guy just called me String Bean, he's getting a dollar!”

Or Nov. 7, after President Obama was re-elected: “I wasn't able to have a loud raging party to celebrate the election but I did set off my car alarm.”

Here's Ralston's campaign YouTube video. He comes off as a laid-back dude who plays it cute and a little innocent, but you know there's something else lurking inside.

Apparently knocking the West Hollywood City Council's love of regulating local businesses through bans and whatnot, the comic says with a straight face and dry delivery: “I'm pro-business. I'm not anti-business. The city's greedy. Don't be greedy, West Hollywood, you're golden.”

If Ralston makes the ballot, it'll be interesting to see if he takes the time to develop good material about the West Hollywood political scene and become a candidate Jon Stewart of The Daily Show would be proud about. Ralston could end up getting good laughs while also telling serious truths — and he may even grab a few more votes.

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