What's a “Throbblehead,” you might ask? It's pretty much a “Bobblehead” doll that doesn't want to pay royalties to the people who own the Bobblehead trademark.

A few years back the Bobblehead (and Bobblehead-alikes) market exploded when someone figured out that children were less an ideal market than cubicle-bound adults. And so everyone dead or alive had its likeness made into an overpriced plastic tchotchke with a dangling head. Musicians (and their estates) really jumped on this one.

Now the people who brought you the G. G. Allin Bobblehead Throbblehead a while back have released their latest figurine: Wendy O. Williams.

No, not the brassy black lady from radio and TV and Talk Soup. We're talking about the kickass punk rock singer for the Plasmatics, who took her own life in 1998 and was Girl Power personified years before the riot grrrls (and the Spice Girls).

If you tried to make Wendy O.'s head bobble 30 years ago, you'd have had your ass severely kicked. Now you can have her on your desk as a limited edition adult-toy.

Wanna see Wendy O. Williams doing Rocky Horror instead?:

LA Weekly