Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year but to some, the holiday season to them means “do crazy sh** and make it count. Make it newsworthy!”

Here are more weird news that happened recently.

A little girl was given a license to own a unicorn

This may be cuter than it is weird. A 6-year-old girl from Los Angeles County asked the Department of Animal Care and Control if she can be a licensed unicorn owner. Much to her surprise, the department agreed and sent her a pre-approved unicorn license. The department also issued conditions — the unicorn must have “regular access to sunlight, moonbeams, and rainbows” along with others.

The National Park Service begs people to stop licking this toad

Yes, people lick toads to get high! The US National Park Service uploaded a Facebook post asking people to stop licking the Sonoran desert toad, AKA the Colorado river toad. The toad, when licked (please don’t do this), can get a person high; it can give euphoric and hallucinogenic effects. A photo of the toad was also uploaded. It includes the said toad “staring into your soul.”

In other weird news: Hundreds of Santas gather to drink in New York City

You would think there are enough conventions out there by now, but no. New York City Santas gathered at the Broadway Ave. and West 39 Street intersection in Manhattan to celebrate…them being Santa Claus. The Santas then went to different bars across Manhattan for drinks to continue the festivity.

An Arizona woman used an inflatable Grinch as her carpool passenger

In a hilarious Twitter post by Arizona’s Department of Public Safety, they reminded motorists not to copy the actions of a woman spotted by a state trooper. The woman was driving in a high-occupancy vehicle lane with an inflatable Grinch as her passenger. The gag is funny, but the department likes to remind drivers that it’s still an illegal act.

Iowa mayor poses half-naked for a calendar

Iowa’s Mr. Mayor is also Mr. November. A mayor from Iowa got naked for a “dad bod” calendar photoshoot. His only coverup was a plate of roast chicken. Naturally, as with many public servants — naked or not — this activity received backlash. The mayor responded with “I can understand some people not getting the joke and feeling offended. That’s just part of life I suppose.”


Sure, 2022’s almost over. You can say “‘Tis the season to be crazy,” but don’t go as crazy as licking toads to get high or trying to pass an inflatable Dr. Seuss character as your car co-pilot. Just stick to edibles and drive in the right lane. Also, pose half-naked for a calendar at your own risk.

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