It seems like there’s weed for everyone! Cannabis consumption in the U.S. and Canada by demographics may slightly vary per age group and gender, but you most likely have similar “tastes” with other people! — you probably just didn’t know it. Until now!

Here are a few weed stats based on a report by Headset.

Cannabis Consumption by Demographics

1. Gender


Men are the primary consumers of weed. In the US, 66.2% of those who consume marijuana are males. Two of the most preferred types of cannabis that men consume are concentrates (72.7%) and flowers (69.6%).


Women make up one-third (33.8%) of the cannabis market in the US. The type of marijuana that women prefer is cannabis topicals — 50.2% of female consumers prefer this. However, 40% also enjoy tinctures and sublingual marijuana.

2. Age Group

Baby Boomers

Around 13% of those who use weed are Baby Boomers. Just like most generations, marijuana flowers seem to be the preferred cannabis product by this demographic — 42% of the purchases are in this form. But Baby Boomers typically purchase cannabis products that are under the “wellness” category — such as tinctures, topicals, and capsules. Marijuana edibles, for instance, is also another form of cannabis product that this generation likes — 20.4% of the Baby Boomer purchases are edibles.

Gen X

25% of weed customers are under the Gen X age group. Just like the generation before them, Gen X folks also prefer cannabis products that are under the “wellness” category. And just like Baby Boomers, flowers also remain to be Gen X’s most favorite type of cannabis — with 40.2% of the purchases being flowers.

However, because this is Gen X, even in marijuana preference, they’re also in the “old school” and “new school” gray area — a quarter of the marijuana products (that those who fall under the Gen X demographic purchase) are marijuana vape pens.


Millennials are still the number one cannabis consumer — compared to other generations. They make up roughly half of the cannabis users in the US. 39.4% of the products that Millennials purchase are in flower form.

However, compared to the previous and older age groups, Millennials don’t seem to like edibles as much as the Baby Boomers and Gen X — but it’s still 10.3%. Therefore, it’s not insignificant either. Next to flowers, Millennials also consume weed in vape form — 24.2% of those products are vapor pens.

Gen Z

Around 16% of the cannabis buyers are Gen Z people. Gen Z weed consumers seem to also continuously and rapidly grow — marijuana sales for this age group increase around 10% every year in the US. This generation is also the biggest market for marijuana vape companies — as 33.6% of their purchased products are vape pens. But the Gen Z demographic likes their flowers (almost) just as much — 33.3% of their purchases are in flower form.

Edibles aren’t as popular among Gen Zs — only 7.1% of the edible sales are from this age group.


Cannabis consumption by demographics varies per gender and age group — but there are also similarities. More men consume cannabis than women. And marijuana flowers are the most popular form of weed that’s purchased by all generations. Vape pens, on the other hand, are growing more popular — especially among the younger demographic. Additionally, more younger people are consuming cannabis these days; Millennials and Gen Z make up over half of the cannabis market.


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