Wiz Khalifa's finally famous. How else to explain his arrest after yet another sold-out show last night at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina? Around 10 PM PST, Twitter suddenly erupted with #freewiz trending nationwide, and rumors of the rapper being booked on marijuana possession ran rampant.

Earlier today, MTV.com confirmed that Khalifa was arrested on three charges related to marijuana possession. After posting a $300,000 bail, he was released around 8 AM EST this morning.

Unlike many, Wiz is a rapper who's rapper life actually is his real life, and he takes to Twitter every day to tell his almost 500,000-follower-strong Taylor Gang (that's his army of fans) that he's “waken…baken…” and today, “wrist still achin.”

It's no secret–in fact, it's Wiz's scratch-n-sniff calling card–that the rapper's shows are blazed parades. His tour is named “Waken Baken,” after all. As we pointed out a few weeks ago when we checked out the first night of Wiz's two tour dates in L.A.:

But at the top of his set, Khalifa seemed more subdued than in previous performances. Ambling onstage with a joint, which he soon accidentally dropped, he grinned out into the sea of smokers, “I can't even fuckin' see shit!” Indeed, it seemed like puffs of weed smoke were being piped into the Music Box. Contact highs were party favors.

Watching Wiz throw himself into his show like a man possessed is especially impressive when you know he's probably never not high, so the muted performance was something of a surprise. Is it possible that Wiz Khalifa, current co-grandmaster of chiefin', can get too stoned?

Maybe so. We wonder how this will affect the rapper's wildly successful branding strategy. On one hand, this couldn't have come at a better time. His first single from his debut album with Atlantic, “Black and Yellow,” is receiving heavy radio rotation and currently is number three on the iTunes Hip Hop charts. On the other, this could mean he'll have to be far more covert, potentially hurting the brand he's so carefully cultivated (though sales of his brand-new own-brand of rolling papers probably just skyrocketed). Popular hip-hop blog The Smoking Section even chastised Wiz for Tweeting his toking habit.

We're surprised it took the law this long to use Twitter to their advantage, personally. A couple of hours ago, L.A.'s own godfather of green, Snoop Dogg, weighed in with “Free Whiz! #freewhiz” And then: “world still aint ready ya dig.” Hey, if we can't legalize it, you think North Carolina's–or the rest of the country, for that matter–cool with it?

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