We're already getting a little nostalgic for the L.A. mayor's race, which will be over next Tuesday. Call us crazy, but we think we'll miss the attack ads the most. There's just something compelling about seeing fundamentally decent public servants portray each other as child-killing monsters.

Today we got three new ones, including two in Spanish. ¡Ay, caramba!

For starters, Garcetti has boiled down his message that Greuel would be “the DWP mayor” into a digestible, 15-second spot. Take a look:
John Shallman, Greuel's strategist, really outdid himself responding to this:
“Garcetti wins the award for the most deceitful, shameless and hypocritical ad of the election season. He's been the DWP's No. 1 advocate for 12 years — raising rates while taking campaign cash, trips around the world and negotiating huge pay raises. Too bad he can't get another illegal, free ticket to the Oscars to accept his award,” Shallman said in a statement.
We've heard that the Garcetti campaign is spending more than $1 million on TV this week, which is a lot. That's probably about five times what the Greuel campaign is spending on its ad, which attacks Garcetti for having a fundraiser with a felon developer.
Meanwhile, the independent group Lots of People Who Support Eric Garcetti (and Who Think Wendy Greuel Hates Immigrants) released this ad, airing on Spanish-language TV:
For those whose Spanish is a little rusty, here's the script:

During the racist and anti-immigrant era of Pete Wilson, Wendy Greuel was a Republican. She stayed with the Republican party for 13 years — until she wanted to start her political career. Greuel would do anything to get elected. Eric Garcetti opposed Pete Wilson and Proposition 187. He's a lifelong Democrat who has always been on our side — not just when it's expedient. (Garcetti) “This is our year.” Who will be a better mayor for us? The choice is clear: vote Eric Garcetti for Mayor.

Wilson was elected in 1990, when Greuel was a registered Republican. But Proposition 187 — the initiative to bar undocumented immigrants from access to public services — didn't come along until 1994, two years after Greuel had reregistered as a Democrat. 

The Greuel campaign is outraged, saying she campaigned against Proposition 187. The campaign released this statement from a campaign surrogate, Rep. Tony Cardenas:

“I call on Eric Garcetti to denounce this attack ad, which is a flat-out lie. In Spanish we have a saying, 'No tienen verguenza' — they have no shame. To lie to the community about someone who actually fought against Proposition 187 is as low as you can go.”

Rick Jacobs, co-chair of the pro-Garcetti committee, said  he stands by the ad. Jeff Millman, Garcetti's spokesman, faulted Greuel for boasting in her own ads to have found $160 million in waste, fraud and abuse — a claim that has not held up well under scrutiny.
“We would also note that in January, Garcetti offered Greuel the People's Pledge to stop super PACs on both sides, but Greuel rejected the offer to encourage the DWP union super PAC to spend millions to buy the mayor's office for her,” Millman said.
And finally, Dr. Feliciano Serrano — the mysterious vascular physician from Huntington Park — has produced an attention-getting spot that attacks Garcetti and which appears to be set in the fiery depths of Hell:
The ad faults Garcetti for the gentrification of Hollywood, manages to link him to Arizona's infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio and calls into question his Mexican roots, all in 30 seconds. Here's the script.
Garcetti's spokesman sought to tie the ad to Councilman Jose Huizar, a Greuel supporter and associate of Serrano's.
“Jose Huizar has attempted to deny Eric's Mexican heritage since the start of this campaign, so it's no surprise that his friend is trying to do the same in a TV ad,” Millman said.
Serrano also sent a Spanish-language mailer today that attacks Garcetti along similar lines.
“NO ES LATINO,” it says, alleging that Garcetti's ancestors lived for a short time in Mexico, “without having Mexican blood.” “He only put on the Mexican mask to win votes,” the mailer says.

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