It's been a peeve of ours ever since the long-defunct New Angeles magazine called its core circulation zone — Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz — “the new Eastside.” What happened to the old — make that real — Eastside, the one east of the Main Street, east of the L.A. River, east of downtown? And why are all the gangs who were in Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz decades before the bearded hipsters arrived using “W.S.” (for Westside) in their names? Here's a wild guess: Because Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz are not the frigging Eastside, okay broham?

The blog Curbed L.A. gets it, and this week it asked readers to help it rename the meta-zone those communities occupy so that the term Eastside is never applied to them again (amen). Suggestions are pouring in:

-East Westside.


-North L.A.


-New Williamsburg.

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