— Pat Saperstein checks out the new Tip Top (banh mi! gelato!) location in Rosemead. [Eating L.A.]

Laurent Torondel leaves his own empire. [Daily Dish]

— Expats from Chile gather at Rincon Chileno in the wake of the recent devastating Chilean earthquake. [Grub Street]

Andrew Knowlton discusses what makes a great palate. [Bon Appetit]

— A saki tutorial by Yuji Matsumoto. [estarLA]

— The Juicy Fruit Express, this Saturday at Bakersfield. [Good Food]

— The raw deal with raw milk. [Zester Daily]

Ganda in Thai Town can make you cry. [Midtown Lunch]

— L.A. last drive-in theatre. [LA Taco]

Surfing at Venice Beach; Credit: Flickr/jondoeforty1

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