Why not memory-trip back to the days of candy-stripers and cigarettes in the operating theater, the days before pajama-like scrub uniforms pre-printed with teensy Garfields. To the days when nurses and their carryings on with doctors — like stewardesses and pilots — enflamed the imaginations men and women alike.

That's the game at this week's Studies in Crap over on our Style Council blog. There, your Crap Archivist digs into a big 'ol box of 60s nurse romance novels recently discovers at a Los Angeles book sales. In books like Nurse Dormitory and The Taming of Nurse Conway we can revisit the days when doctors talked to nurses like this:

“'If you were even a few years younger I'd turn over my knee and give you the thrashing you deserve!'”

Or like this:

“Wear kiss-proof lipstick, Veronica. There might be a bit of necking on the evening's schedule.”

There's much more where that came from over in this week's Studies in Crap!

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