It’s been a heck of a year. We’ve found ourselves trying things we would never have before in an effort to make the never-ending Groundhog Day loop of work-clean-parent an easier burden to bear while in quarantine.

Grocery delivery is great, but you still have to put the groceries away, meal plan and cook. Who has the energy and time? Meal kits are wonderful, but options are not endless, and while convenient, they are still time-consuming. Just when we had about given up, our own personal Mary Poppins appeared: Dianna Brescia. 

Dianna Brescia is the founder and owner of Bon Appetit Agency, a local Los Angeles company that takes the guesswork and energy out of mealtime, saving you time, money, and all that energy you just don’t have. 

Bon Appetit Agency is best known for their private chefs, which bring a Michelin Star experience right into your own home. Using their service not only helps you, but it supports the struggling hospitality industry as well; the agency has helped some of L.A.’s best chefs stay employed as restaurants were forced to shut down or downsize due to pandemic restrictions. 

It is through these connections and incredible roster of talent that has made Bon Appetit Agency the go to private chef company for the most influential clients in the area. From single households and young families to Hollywood mansions, this private chef service is changing how dinnertime looks for people everywhere. 

We love it for not only its service options and accessibility, but its rigid safety standards as well. 

How does it work? Clients collaborate with Bon Appetit Agency’s in-house health coach on dietary needs and taste, after which they are matched with the right chef to match their household. Private chefs can be dispatched to homes or corporations, depending on need. 

Not ready for a private chef just yet? They also have an all organic weekly meal delivery service, and offer catering and staffing for private events (once those become a thing again). Whether you’re ordering from their affordable organic weekly meal delivery service, hiring an amazing private chef for your home through the agency, or need some help with kitchen clean-up and pantry organization, they have a little something for everyone!

To learn more about this incredible time-saving (life-saving!) service, visit

Now that we’ve gotten some help in the kitchen and can take all things dinner-time related off our list (including clean-up), we are NEVER going back! Thanks to Dianna and her talented team at Bon Appetit Agency, for the first time since March, 2020 just got a little bit easier. 

Times are tough. We’re all feeling it. To help you get a head start on getting your time back and your schedule back in order, use code LAWEEKLY for 15% off your Bon Appetit Agency service. Try them out via their website here, or through their contact info below:

tel: 424-245-5872
ig: @BonAppetitAgency
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