It may be a signal that the infrastructure of Los Angeles is further declining. Or that the recent wild Santa Anas blew further west than initially thought. Or maybe this McDonald's sign, on the corner of Venice and Overland in Culver City, is instead a visual signal of the fast food company's new attempts at inclusiveness and celebrity management. Although “llions served” could mean any number of things, from wild game burgers to safari animals in the Happy Meals to an actual zoo instead of a Playland out back.

McDonald's recently came under fire for using an egg supplier that was charged with animal cruelty — the company dropped the supplier — and yesterday a handful of celebrities wrote a letter to Jim Skinner, the CEO of McDonald's, urging the company to use 100% cage-free eggs, as they do in Europe. Because if Ryan Gosling, Alicia Silverstone and Zooey Deschanel (nope, Matt Damon was not one of the writers) wanted you to do something responsible, wouldn't you?

LA Weekly