Good news for the weird uncles: Despite previously held suspicions to the contrary, there is room for you in the age of social media.

(Not creepy uncs. They've already had their day.)

Thank Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, a good Twitter citizen who frequently updates with lines like “Little cat shits on the floor…..what can ya do …?????” and “Shaking the phone while doing a video is very psychedelic…!!”

Yes. Lots of tweets, with lots of videos and lots of photos — occasionally of his lovely wife Michelle in the buff (Semi-SFW; due respect to hot aunts).

But this time, what's usually an even mix of quirky, fantastic and mundane, took a turn toward the horrific and apalling. Yesterday while visiting Singapore, fish ate both of the Coynes' feet. On video.

God bless the weird uncles. And again, the hot aunts:

Michelle Martin Coyne, 54 stories up in Singapore.

Michelle Martin Coyne, 54 stories up in Singapore.

For more, Google “fish spa.”

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