And here now is a video of Tom Cruise making soup dumplings, in exactly the same way you'd imagine Tom Cruise would make soup dumplings: With determination. Cruise was in Taiwan earlier this month to promote his latest film, Oblivion, and stopped by Din Tai Fung's Taipei 101 branch to learn how to make the restaurant's famed xiaolongbao.

The visit wasn't as strange as, say, Dennis Rodman going to North Korea, but it nonetheless was still wonderfully awkward: Cruise carefully greets the restaurant's staff in Chinese (does he have them at hello? Hard to tell), waves to the crowd a few times and then gets to work. He concentrates, really intensely concentrates, as he's taught how to pinch and fold the dough. It takes him but a minute to nail all the folds in the classic Din Tai Fung dumpling, and he goes on to complete an entire steam basket's worth of XLB. Then he bursts into laughter, because he is Tom Cruise. Turn the page for the video.

And for something slightly different, Grubstreet Los Angeles has another video of Cruise's visit, complete with a trance music soundtrack.

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