The commercial real estate listing service Loopnet made a downtown Los Angeles building disappear live in front of a wowed audience.

And we have the video (after the jump) to prove it.

Okay, so it was really just a giant, outdoor advertising and P.R. stunt. But it's also pretty cool nonetheless:

The presentation, developed by Pearl Media and Creative i, happened last night, with the imagery projected on the side of a 12-story building on West Ninth Street between Hill and Olive, according to a statement from both firms.

Josh Cohen, CEO of Pearl Media:

The great benefit of 3D projection is that it works as a live experience, which can then be shared exponentially online and via social media. This program also allowed us to showcase our 360 production capabilities. We created a breakthrough 3D projection, as well as designed and produced the staging, lighting and event for this A-list act and client.

Josh, you're wasting your talents on old people holding plastic cups of wine, man. Get in touch with the people who organize the Electric Daisy Carnival rave. They will totally appreciate what you do.

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