Things are getting weird at Stones Throw, but we suppose that's what happens any time things get too damn funky That, or someone got into MED's medical marijuana stash.

Former Slave frontman Steve Arrington (“Just a Touch,” “Slide”), who's been working on an album with Dâm-Funk, came to town recently to record and play some shows, and the results were documented in a YouTube clip.

Frankly put, all kinds of weird shit happens. Like him, Dâm and the youngsters of Teen Inc. jamming together in the studio. Or legendary Compton rapper/producer DJ Quik claiming that he's made “a billion dollars in this industry.”

And then there's the meme-baiting moment where the Ohio funkster, riding shotgun in Peanut Butter Wolf's car, goes mega-melismatic, then holds a fierce high note for far too long, inspiring Wolf to do a bona fide spit-take.

We think all of this–including Arrington's inspired metaphysical mumbo-jumbo about the power of the funk–bodes very, very well for the upcoming Arrington LP:

Really Quik? A billion dollars? That's it? We hear Master P made a bajillion in his first ten years. And according to Forbes, Jay-Z is up to about umpteen gazillion.

Anyway, listen to this and let us know what you think.

Steve Arrington & Dam-Funk “I Be Trippin” by stonesthrow

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