While some have called Reggie Bush's return of his 2005 Heisman Trophy the honorable thing to do after USC was handed a two-year bowl-game ban in June for it's special, rule-breaking treatment of the star running back, at least one sports pundit thinks the move was phony.

Fox Sports columnist Kalani Simpson bucks the tide and calls out Bush's move as a cop-out not only for the current New Orleans Saints player, but for the Heisman Trophy Trust. Instead of facing a big asterisk for taking the honor away because Bush was ineligible, the Trust instead gets a nice P.R. move — a mea culpa.

In fact, the Trust was reported to be headed toward a move that would have stripped Bush of the trophy anyway, leaving a mark not only on his record but that of the honor's keepers. Simpson doesn't suggest there was a backroom deal here, but he does make it seem shady:

… Having Bush give it back is the wrong move here. If there's no escaping what happened, at least own it … It forces us to live with what happened. It makes us come to terms with what sports can sometimes be.

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