The demise of downtown's monthly Art Walk has bummed many a boho (or boo-hoo) hipster who feels the event was L.A.'s great “Kumbaya” moment. But not everyone is sad.

For some critics, the event became another excuse for bros in Minis and women toting Kate Spade bags to get sloshed and treat a trip downtown like a collegian's visit to Tijuana.

As the walk became more of a nightlife event than an excuse to view art, some started calling it “Arty Gras.” Our commenter du jour, “Downtowner,” says good riddance and rips the Stella drinkers who overran the monthly gig:

Most long term residents and gallery owners couldn't be happier about this move. The Art Walk began as a great thing for a neighborhood that was built on/by art and artists. In the last year and a half the event has been co-opted by business interests who have turned it into an ugly drunken circus that resembles the Venice boardwalk (complete with mimes, jugglers, and fire spinners) more than any sort of art event.

Most of the local businesses do make money that night. The bars and restaurants are full and the parking lots double their prices. Food trucks from all over the city flock to the event and do well but ironically the businesses that are suffering the most are the galleries who pioneered the art walk when downtown was still dangerous considered dangerous. I for one am excited to see the event get back to something with some heart and authenticity.

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