Warner on the Case: Breakout house producer warner case (the lower case is his style) had been a fan of Daft Punk for a while but really threw himself into electronic music in the late 2000’s when a girlfriend in college introduced him to the likes of Hot Chip and Simian Mobile Disco.

That’s when I discovered that a drummer like me could be the sole musician ‘in a band,’ which never felt possible before,” he says. “I DJ’d a house party when the one we hired got sick and I was the only one who knew how to hook up a PA system, and it all clicked… I was hooked immediately to the intimacy and energy of it.”

Nowadays, he describes his sound as “fun, energetic and inclusive,” and he feels that this is a great time for electronic music as a whole.

“Never been better,” he says. “Massive artists of the past 20 years paved a very wide path for all these other, super interesting subgenres to find their audience. While there’s a lot of uninspiring music being released (which I feel is a product of social media and readily-available statistics making artists feel like they’re constantly falling behind others (which isn’t true)), I’m always discovering interesting, talented artists who become new favorites.”

His latest release is the “do my own thing” single with Brazilian electronic artist Bhaskar.

Bhaskar sent me an instrumental concept which I immediately loved – it was energetic, a bit haunting, and really fun,” he says. “He sent me stems. Then I added vocals, tweaked the instrumental a bit, and finally, after our first in-person session about a year after beginning ‘do my own thing,’ when we were coincidentally in the same city on tour, we found what it needed to bring it to 100%. Sometimes that takes years, sometimes it never happens. I’m happy it happened this time!”

Looking ahead, the artist has plenty planned for this year.

I’ve got a bunch of songs and shows I can’t wait to be able to talk about,” he says. “Until then, come say hey to me on social media, it’s always nice to hear from you! @warner.case on most platforms.”

Warner on the Case: The “do my own thing” single is out now.






















































































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