Though L.A. is the pot shop capital of the nation, marijuana is really only quasi-legal so long as Uncle Sam continues to keep weed as a Schedule 1 outlaw drug.

And as such, there's really only one operation that grows bud 100 percent legally: That's right, the United States government.

And it looks like they're keeping it that way (for now):


A University of Massachusetts-Amherst horticulture prof, Lyle Craker, has been trying to get the feds to let him grow pot for academic research for 10 years.

He says the federal weed is weak sauce, and he wants to grow more potent strains to see if it can help with glaucoma.

Now, at age 70, after years of getting turned down by the DEA and feds, Craker's giving up his fight.

“I'm disappointed in our system,” he told Associated Press. “But I'm not disappointed at what we did. I think our efforts have brought the problem to the public eye more. … This is just the first battle in a war.”

A DEA-sanctioned growing operation in Mississippi remains the only spot for legit pot. The government grows it for research. (No, it's not for sale).

Funny thing: Craker says he's never tried marijuana.

LA Weekly