The global recession, or whatever we're calling it these days, seems not to apply to Domino's Japan. Last week the Japanese pizza company announced that it will be offering a special part-time job next month: a one hour gig for which the lucky employee will receive 2.5 million yen. That's $31,000, if you're counting, which we imagine you are. What's the job? Domino's isn't saying, at least not until next week.

Domino's Japan only said that the job, which they will give further details about on November 10th, is somehow to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the arrival of the American fast food pizza company in Japan. The only details given: that the applicant must be over 18, but needn't have any experience or education. In anything, apparently.

When we emailed a friend, a longtime resident of the country, she wrote back saying that “Twitter abuzz over here with comments like Are you serious? Is this for real?” Same reaction over on this side of the Pacific, pretty much. Any guesses on what exactly you have to do for $31,000/hour, do let us know.

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