In a just-released diss track called, “Watch Ya Mouth,” Tupac proclaims, “Lemme get my preach on!”

And he does, even if the congregation has a few weird members.

Shooting verbal bullets at Dr. Dre and Nas, sticking conscious rappers De La Soul (huh?) with the line, “Ever since 'Me Myself and I' y'all been garbage,” and calling Wendy Williams (what?) a “fat bitch,” Tupac sounds almost as close to foaming at the mouth as he does in the classic, and classically chemically unbalanced-sounding, diss song “Hit 'Em Up.”

All you “Pac Lives” theorists are gaining quite the fuel for your conspiracy fire lately, huh?


Watch Ya Mouth (OG CDQ) – Tupac by rebeccahaithcoat

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