Wired is offering you a chance to travel to London to attend a special multi-media experience (aka, a fun, creepy-ass time) crawling through tunnels with comics legend Alan Moore while a host of great musicians — including Anticon's Doseone, Fog's guitarist Andrew broder, and (very likely) members of Mogwai and someone dear to the LA Weekly whose name rhymes with Pike Matton — provide a live soundtrack.

From Wired:

Alan Moore has blown minds with comic masterpieces like V for Vendetta, Watchmen, From Hell and Lost Girls. But watching him perform his sonic spoken-word set Unearthing live in London should be quite the head trip. Want two free tickets?

If so, we have a mission simple for you: Tell us why Moore is one of the multiverse's most important writers. You could win a pair of tickets to either night of Moore's London double-header July 29 and 30, as well as an autographed Unearthing box set, due July 6 from Lex Records.

Here's the sage of Northampton explaining his latest mind trip:

More from Wired:

Moore takes the strange stage — abandoned railway tunnels beneath Waterloo Station, now curated by The Old Vic Theatre — with Anticon hip-hop dynamo Doseone and ambient Fog guitarist Andrew Broder. They provide musical accompaniment under the name of Crook&Flail for Unearthing, Moore's baritone tribute to his unrelated but same-surnamed friend, British comics legend Steve Moore.

Other Unearthing guest stars might show up at the performances as well. Prolific vocalist Mike Patton, whose recent Italian music homage Mondo Cane was released last month on his stellar label Ipecac, is rumored to attend. Mogwai guitarist Stuart Brathwaite, currently showing off his band's new concert film Burning and live album Special Moves, both due in August, could be in the neighborhood at the time. Throw in arresting visuals from Unearthing photographer and director Mitch Jenkins, and Moore's poetic two-night stand should make for a surreal show.

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