Wallie the Sensei Brings Wisdom to the Roxy: One of our first music interviews of this year was with rising Compton rapper Wallie the Sensei, and for good reason. His Here 2 Stay release gave us a great start to 2023.

“My city is the reason I am who I’ve become, even outside of music,” he told us. “The way I dress, how I talk and my overall experiences as a man. The music is only giving you a small feel of how it really is growin’ up here. It’s a much smaller place than what people think it is. From the way of life to the slang, everything is different. I’m a product of where I’m from.” 

Later in the same feature, he said, “My last project was me expressing where I was at the moment; I just kinda laid everything out how I was feeling. This mixtape mechanically shows how I evolved as an artist. It has me experimenting. My recording process when I dropped my first project took me 2-4 hours per song, but now I can crack out records anywhere between 30 minutes – 1 hour while doing even more. I’m definitely more confident in my sound. Shoutout to Russ, Berler & XL – they recorded me and produced most of the work. Angel produced [the track] ‘Watch Me’ — these people are all musical geniuses in my eyes. Regular sessions with just my family Jay West, Pho Pho and Mari Ruger doin’ what we do best!”

Check him out for yourself on Friday.

Wallie the Sensei Brings Wisdom to the Roxy: The event takes place on 8 p.m. on Friday, April 7 at the Roxy.

















































































































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