Tie on a Mai Tai and break out the ukulele. Starting tonight, Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach hosts Waitiki, a three-night festival of tiki music and cocktails.

Tonight, the Waitiki quartet will play. The two following nights, the Waitiki 7 will take the stage, and only on New Year's Eve, they'll be joined by Combustible Edison alums Brother Cleve and The Millionaire, for an evening of the now-defunct lounge act's music. Dancing will ensue. As will drinking.

There will be some sort of rum cocktail competition, in addition to Don the Beachcomber's always fruity cocktail menu. We like the Vicious Virgin (mostly for its name), Don's version of the Mai Tai (the original version?) and the Zombie (so potent the bartender supposedly won't serve you more than two). Tickets: $30-125.

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