Pot aficionados looking to de-harsh their lungs as well as their vibes don't have to actually smoke. Instead of reaching for the pipe, they use a vaporizer, bake brownies or even steep a strong tea with hot water and a pat of butter. It's funny, then, that Raganella, a Brooklyn-based “botanical solutions” purveyor spearheaded by Liz Neves, is selling actual tea that's meant to be smoked.

We're not talking White Widow, Pineapple and Romulan. The Vivid Visions Smoke blend ($8) contains Harry Potter-sounding stuff like mugwort, colsfoot and mullein — but instead of sipping this brew like some nervous ninny who can't handle coffee, you're supposed to roll the dry bits up into a big, fat Marley to share with fellow tea-heads.

According to the Etsy page, it causes vivid dreams, eases asthma, restores “exhausted nerves” and attends to a host of other ailments. It's also best enjoyed “with friends or during sacred ceremonies.” With a pitch like that, the bullshit detector has to be screeching like a freshman on a bad acid trip. In the promotional video (embedded above), you half-expect Joanna Newsom to haul her harp across the frame.

While there's something more than a little Portlandia about Vivid Visions, you can't argue with the prospect of smoking something and relaxing without wanting to eat your weight in macaroni-and-cheese fritters shortly thereafter. Or a little green. As of a few days ago, Raganella sold out of the Vivid Visions Smoke Blend on Etsy. Considering its popularity, a new batch has to be forthcoming. In the meantime, shore up on All Is Full of Love Balm and bide your time.

LA Weekly