Visualizing Raw Emotion and Cinema Verite in SOFT With Cinematographer Liam Higgins

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As viewers, we may not always consciously notice the color, light, and movement in a film. However, when used effectively, these elements can enhance the story and elicit emotions from the audience. Rising from a small Canadian city, Liam Higgins is an acclaimed cinematographer who has mastered the art of using visual elements to tell a story. With the recent release of his first feature film as a director of photography, the critically acclaimed SOFT, the entertainment industry has had a front-row seat to Higgins’ innovative approach to cinematography.

What sets Higgins apart is his ability to tell stories through his visuals. As he did in the coming-of-age drama SOFT, Higgins has made a name for himself in the industry by bringing a unique perspective to every project he works on. His synesthesia and attention to detail allow him to create a visual language that speaks to his audience.

The inventive cinematographer’s skill and hard work have not gone unnoticed. In 2022, his work on the short film Wake earned him two Best Cinematography awards: the Gold Cube at The One Club Awards and the Passion Project at the Berlin Commercial Awards. SOFT was also selected for the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival in 2022. He also signed as a director of photography with the United Talent Agency in the United States. These accomplishments highlight Higgins’ talent and dedication to his craft as a cinematographer.

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Like many accomplished creatives in the entertainment industry, Higgins has faced obstacles in his career. Perhaps the most challenging was adapting to life in Toronto after growing up in Windsor. However, he has used his mental agility and focuses on producing quality work to overcome these challenges and grow as an artist.

As Higgins evolves in his career, he wants to focus on films that fall into the categories of drama, coming-of-age, and psychological thriller. Drawing from his past experiences, he’s confident he can provide the most insightful contributions to these spaces. He also wants to continue working on commercial projects while pursuing his passion for feature films. Finally, Higgins hopes to one day sit down with some of his favorite established cinematographers and talk about the future of cinematography.

As for advice to not-yet-established artists, Higgins insists, “The more you can sit with decisions and know you’re making the right choices, the more effective your work feels on completion.” He also suggests being impeccable with your word to others and yourself: “If you set out to complete something, set a date you want it completed by, work at it every day, and don’t look back at any point.”

Liam Higgins is a talented cinematographer with a unique perspective. His commitment to crafting the types of visuals that lead to a full-sensory experience allows him to reach audiences on a more profound level. His journey from a photojournalist in a quaint Canadian city to a world-class cinematographer represented by one of the biggest agencies in the world is inspiring to creative types of all backgrounds, fields, and styles.

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