LA's Bestial Mouths is a band that straddles generations. Formed in an era of MySpace band pages and download singles, the group is keeping its focus on an almost nostalgic medium, seven-inch singles.

“It's like the difference between a paperback and a hardcover book.,” says synth player Chris Myrick. “You can buy the cheap paperback just to see if you like it, but when it's your favorite author, you kind of want a nicer version of it, one that you can have around for a while.”

Bestial Mouths, who currently has a CD-R available through its MySpace page, is working on its first 7″, a split with Georgia-based group Entertainment to be released through the independent label Hi Shadow. According to the band members, this will be the first in a series of vinyl releases to be issued through small labels.

“I like the idea of doing that and having a community of artists and small labels,” says Myrick, who previously played in SWFT WNGS. He later adds, “It creates a sense of community when you have to contact someone online or meet them at shows to buy the seven-inch and talk to them about music.”

Vocalist Lynette Cerezo, also formerly of SWFT WNGS, notes that the culture of buying and trading vinyl has been influential on shaping the musical tastes of the band members. “That's how we know about music. We're not about mainstream tours or buying something at Virgin.”

Bestial Mouths plays Pehrspace tonight as part of a benefit show for Echo Park Animal Alliance, a non-profit organization that has been currently trying to handle a glut of animal abandonments in the area. The organization is close to the band's heart, as Myrick and Cerezo volunteer as fosters for EPAA. Also on the bill are Blessure Grave, Voices on Tape, BIRTH! (Douglas Halbert of BIRTH! also drums for Bestial Mouths), Warrior Line and DJ Paulie.

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