If you're a lame-duck mayor who has pretty much accomplished only disappointment in Los Angeles, we wouldn't blame you for wanting out.

And it's clear to just about anyone within earshot of Antonio Villaraigosa that he's been angling for a job in President Obama's cabinet. As the newly appointed chair of the Democratic National Convention next summer, he's one step closer.

Now all he needs is Operation Public Relations to get him some good press. Enter The New York Times today:

While noting that our mayor has “disappointed supporters,” the paper says Villaraigosa “is orchestrating a shift in his political fortunes.”

In other words, L.A. has forgotten about its worst-in-the-nation traffic and potholes, City Hall corruption, and a sex abuse scandal that plagues the very school system he promised to overhaul. (Note his silence when it comes to Miramonte Elementary School).

Raphael J. Sonenshein, executive director of the Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs at California State University, says:

… He's really made a comeback that will pay off in a statewide race. He has politically recovered in a lot of ways.

Um. Okay.

For his part, Mayor Spins-A-Lot says he's a man of the people.

I'm comfortable in a black church.


So, er, good luck in Washington, mayor. And remember, you won't need all those P.R. folks you surround yourself with to get nice pieces in the NYT, to fail to return our calls and to not put us on their press lists. You don't need the people's approval to be appointed by the president (good thing).

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