If President Obama is reelected, he might have to put L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on his list of people to thank.

Villaraigosa is taking the high-profile position of chair of the Democratic National Convention this summer, which will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina, according to a source. The Weekly was told he's the first L.A. mayor in history to get the post.

There won't be a whole lot rumbling going on this year, though:

We all know who the Democratic nominee will be.

Still, not a bad gig for a guy — Villaraigosa — who's largely seen as a lame duck with some unfulfilled promises at home.

The convention opens Sept. 3. Villaraigosa will bang the gavel to open festivities and will probably get a prime speaking spot.

Mayor V with the Mr. President.

Mayor V with the Mr. President.

The mayor, a supporter of Hillary Clinton's failed presidential bid, wasn't even invited to speak at the last convention. (Though it appeared he certainly tried to get face time). Times change. Obama needs Latino voters.

Former house Speaker Nancy Pelosi held the chair gig in 2008.

Will it be a prelude to Villaraigosa's next job, perhaps as a member of Obama's cabinet? (Some of you can only hope). We'll see.

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