Read the blow-by-blow here about the possibly illegal doings by the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency in January, as it went into panic mode to squirrel away $1 billion that Gov. Jerry Brown says must be shifted from subsidizing rich L.A. developers to shoring up poverty aid and indigent health care.

It's all at, where former Los Angeles Daily News editor Kaye got hold of 200 pages of documents. As city-paid attorney Glenn Wasserman chortles in one doc, a high-end gang inside the Villaraigosa Administration met to devise “a poison pill hail Mary to try to keep as much CRA funds in LA” as possible, and screw Brown as the governor tries to keep California above water. The City Hall gang's names are here:

According to Kaye's documents, taxpayer-paid city executives and top city employees such as Austin Beutner, Chris Essel, Calvin Hollis, Jim Dantona and Dalila Sotelo schemed along with outside attorney (also paid by public funds) Glenn F. Wasserman of Kane, Ballmer and Berkman.

Mayor Villaraigosa was a key player in the scheme.

As activist Bob Blue has charged, it appears very likely that several members of this crowd ignored California open meeting laws to rush, without public input or sufficient notice, to put down the “threat” posed by Brown as he tried to save major poverty programs from horrific cuts.

What a town. What leadership.

That's why, today, as we speak, the CRA folks are “restaging” their illegal meeting for public benefit and input. They are holding a redo meeting.

But it's a done deal, isn't it?

These highly paid city executives and employees, urged along by the mayor, could easily force Los Angeles v. Brown into court.

Can you just see them, demanding that a judge let them subsidize wealthy developers while the governor is forced to slash major county and local health and welfare programs for the unemployed and poor?

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