Viking Sports CEO LeRoy J. Watkins III Aims to be An Inspiration Through His Tale of Trials and Triumphs

Many people believe that success is built for those who have social connections and financial resources. However, they fail to recognize that many factors determine one’s path to triumph. Some say that passion plays an important role, while others believe in the power of hard work. LeRoy J. Watkins III, the esteemed CEO of Viking Sports, vouches for the impact that failures have provided during his quest for excellence. As he continues to transcend limitations and defy the odds, this power player aims to become a source of inspiration to those looking to get ahead.

Although LeRoy J. Watkins III has managed to secure a coveted position in his chosen industry thanks to his passion-driven spirit and persevering attitude, he always attributes his success to his past learning experiences that have transformed him into what he is today. Through his tale of trials and triumphs, he hopes to be a guiding force that every aspiring hopeful looks up to.

According to this self-starter, success is not a one-way street. Instead, it is a path filled with multiple roadblocks and detours that one needs to undergo to reach the pinnacles of greatness. Thus, he continued to persevere as he worked his way up. LeRoy J. Watkins III first navigated the business landscape as a door-to-door sales representative. Years later, he managed to establish his first business, MyBike, in 2004. Since then, LeRoy has been climbing the ladder to success with grace and finesse.

Over the years, LeRoy J. Watkins developed a deep-seated love for catalyzing change and making a difference in the lives of others. Armed with this purpose-driven vision, he went on and breathed life into Viking Sports. The company’s mission is to build communities through impactful experiences.

In a nutshell, Viking Sports is a private recreation and events company dedicated to bringing people together. It offers a wide variety of services and programs that are set to kick-start individual growth and community development. From summer camps and league support to fundraising activities, this trailblazing organization sets the bar high among industry players across the trade.

Although Viking Sports is not the first of its kind, LeRoy takes pride in the results that the company provides, thanks to his team. “The thing that makes us unique is the way I’m able to develop a well-versed team,” he shared. Because of this, Viking Sports has delivered a high-quality experience to its clients from all walks of life.

When LeRoy J. Watkins III is not leading the company, he often spends time with his family. He particularly wanted to educate his children on the role of failures in one’s path to success in order to inspire them. Starting with his family, LeRoy eventually helps others transform their vision of success into action. “My journey has been anything but traditional. It has been a collection of spectacular failures, leading me to build a personality that best fits a successful man,” he shared.

With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, LeRoy J. Watkins III aims to expand his horizons to impact more lives in the future. Above anything else, he wishes to inspire aspirants to never give up on their dreams despite the many hardships and failures on the way.

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