New Yorkers say L.A. is the home of the shallow, vacant, star-struck millionaire. Well, Manhattan is starting to look a lot like Beverly Hills.

Over the weekend the boyfriend of The Hills star Stephanie Pratt was videotaped making a douche fool of himself as he ran over the foot of a New York City cop.

And it was all caught on tape:

“You ran over my fucking foot!” the cop says. Yep, Chabbott ran over his fucking foot as 17-year-old Damian Morys taped the whole thing for YouTube prosperity.

The cop was trying to give the Ferrari 458 Italia a ticket outside the Mercer hotel for parking in a no-parking zone, no registration, and lack of an inspection sticker, according to the New York Post.

Who is this winner?

The Post ID's him as 28-year-old Julien Chabbott, founder of Line Snob, a social media app dedicated to giving you information about wait times at events.

It all happened Saturday about 6 p.m. as sometime Angeleno Pratt looked on.

Needless to say, Chabbott was slammed against the back hood of his Ferrari and arrested. Yay.

New York Magazine noted that he “seems irredeemably unlikeable.”


And the next time a New Yorker snobs out on your home base of L.A., remind him of this incident.

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