Somebody spent $250 to go to the House of Blues last night and tell President Obama that “Jesus Christ is God!” The right wing has been reduced to Tourette syndrome-like outbursts in its efforts to fluster the Man.

No way. As Fred Armison's impression on Saturday Night Live proves, “Obama plays it cool.

Obama, in town to raise some cash from Hollywood for his reelection effort, had this response to the Christian who thought he had pinpointed the president's Achilles heel:

First of all, I agree that Jesus Christ is the lord. I believe in that.

Drats: Sean Hannity was foiled again.

What did the guy think Obama was going to say? No, it's all about Mohammad, homeboy? (Next motto for the extreme right: America is land of the free! That'll fluster 'em).

But Obama wasn't done people. Just to prove he plays it cool, especially with the ultra-liberal West Coast scene, he thew a bone to the pro-pot crowd.

Another person shouted, “Don't forget medical marijuana!”

Obama said, “Thank you for that,” as if he had ever forgotten.


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