Maybe the New Jersey Devils should spend a little less time constructing not-quite-life-sized replicas of the Hollywood Sign letters and pretending to smuggle them through LAX… and a little more time fending the mighty L.A. puck in the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Finals.

In an attempt to rile Kings fans, the East Coast team's official YouTube account posted a video yesterday of its red devil mascot, who looks more like an evil Teletubby, flying into L.A. and…

… toppling the “D” at the end of “Hollywood.” Apparently the Devils can't afford their own signage, and have been forced to settle for a single initial.

Cute. (Especially the baggage-claim bit.)

But how's this for a comeback: We're winning. We won last night on a history-making overtime shot, when your goalie so densely predicted that Anze Kopitar would take exactly the same angle he did the last time they came face-to-face.

And the experts agree: The Kings have the cup in the bag.

So you can keep lusting after our iconic city relics (weirdos). But if the vengeful Hollywood Hills homeowners don't tear off your devil horns and devour you first, the L.A. Kings will see your punky schoolboy vid and up you the old-fashioned way:

On the ice, for the win.

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