So we know we said we'd never mention the $10 million, 340-ton LACMA rock ever again — unless maybe it rolled off its “oversized load” truck and crushed a Prius — but we at the Weekly have a strict policy on covering every L.A. marriage proposal ever caught on tape.

And this one is special. Ramone Vasquez' big question-pop to his girlfriend Maria yesterday may not be the most romantic proposal in the history of our romcom capital…

… but we're fairly sure it sets the record for number of rock puns employed while asking the woman you love to spend the rest of her life with you.

In a video of the proposal shot by NBC LA, Vasquez appears incredibly nervous, and compensates by repeatedly comparing the rock in his little velvet box to the giant rock sitting in front of them (unromantically encircled by construction cones and other orange safety stuff).

“I wanted you to see the rock,” he says, grappling for the right words. “And… can you imagine that rock… on somebody's finger?”

Er, scratch that. After mumbling so long that NBC LA actually fast-forwards through a couple minutes of pre-proposal (running commentary: “While dozens of curious passersby admire the boulder, Ramone struggles to find the appropriate symbol of the love he shares”), Vasquez finally lands on the perfect pun.

“Maybe that rock wouldn't fit on your finger, but maybe this one will,” he says, getting down on one knee.

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Awww. The rock made the second stop on its 10-day trip in Ontario yesterday, staking out at Mission and Grove. According to LACMA, “the area is fairly desolate outside of an Arco gas station across the street and a couple of nearby aviation companies” — which we really hope isn't a metaphor for the marriage to come.

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