Jeremy Marks' weapon was his cell phone. He used it to videotape Los Angeles Unified School District campus cop Erin Robles after she struck another student who tussled with her when she challenged the kid for smoking a cigar or joint at an MTA bus stop last May.

As the Weekly reports in “Jeremy Marks 'Attempted Lynching' Case,” Robles saw a minor problem blocks from Verdugo Hills High School — a kid smoking — and it turned into a prison case.

Here's video taken by a student at the “bus incident.” See another on next page.

Marks, 18, has been jailed in tough Pitchess Detention Center since May. He touched nobody, but Robles alleges he yelled out “kick her ass!” The D.A. wants hard time:

First, prosecutors wanted Marks to do seven years, in part for allegedly crying out “kick her ass!” (They argue that Marks tried to incite a riot to lead Robles to release her suspect, the smoking kid, technically an “attempted lynching.”)

As the videos on YouTube show, the chaotic scene strongly implies that Robles had little idea who was shouting what. You can see Jeremy Marks at the back of the YouTube video scenes, wearing a grayish shirt, and next to a kid in a white shirt. Marks is one of less active kids, taping the incident.

The Weekly story suggests numerous other problems with the case against Marks.

The D.A. also accuses Marks of resisting arrest when Los Angeles School District Police converged on a McDonald's, where he and his friends walked after the violent struggle ended between Erin Robles and the smoking student at the MTA bus stop.

Other charges were also added on.

Now, the Los Angeles District Attorney is offering the teen 32 months in prison.

His parents can't afford the $155,000 bail to spring him from jail for Christmas.

The Weekly has previously written about the isolated, heavily armed, tiny campus police force, the LASPD. In a 2009 cover story, “LAUSD's Finest,” writer Max Taves detailed the two secret audits. The reports urged a massive reform of the campus police force.

The Congress of Racial Equality or CORE, is taking donations to help with Marks' defense at: CORE, 1528 W Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90062

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