In a confrontation that very much represents a larger struggle going down on SoCal's harsh, wide web of roadways — car versus bike — L.A. resident Jeffrey Ray Adams ran, head-on, into a cyclist last Thursday along the Santa Monica boardwalk. On purpose. Then, in a fit of rage, he had the balls to tell the felled biker: “I'll beat your ass. You're lucky that you're alive right now.”

Oh, also: “He didn't get run over. He ran into me.”

Ha! As if the wobbly stick-and-wheel contraption stood a chance against Adams' beast of a sports car. Fortunately, the injured cyclist had a video camera on hand (posted on, so we get to watch the driver make a complete ass of himself:

From the Santa Monica Daily Press:

Adams was driving south on Barnard Way alongside the cyclist when the two began arguing. Allegedly Adams cut off the cyclist, making a hard left from the right lane into the median lane. The cyclist, who was reportedly traveling at 25 mph, crashed into the hood of the car and went flying into the northbound traffic lane.

Things get really ridiculous when a bunch of witnesses walk over and get involved. Says one guy of the alleged altercation between the driver and cyclist before the crash: “I heard he was talking shit, but that don't matter. … You can't hit somebody with your car.”

True that. Then, some more gold from Adams: “I'm going to hurt all three of you. I can defend myself against you, fat-ass.”

Hm. Look who's talking, buddy. To be honest, though, everyone at the scene was acting kind of a fool — even threatening to take it outside, per se. Not exactly making a pristine name for Team Bike.

So we'll just let the Santa Monica Police Department explain:

The preliminary investigation revealed that the driver, Jeffrey Ray Adams of Los Angeles, had an argument with a bicyclist as they both were travelling south on Barnard Way. The driver then intentionally struck the victim with the side of his vehicle, knocking the victim off his bicycle, and causing the victim to be injured.

The victim was transported to a local hospital, where he was treated and released.

Adams was arrested and booked for Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Adams was later released after posting $30,000 bail.


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