Best Coast has just released their new video for single “When I'm With You.” It features Bethany Cosentino (just christened “adorable lo-fi princess” by Spin) cavorting around with Ronald McDonald and pouting that she “hates sleeping alone” (awwwww…..).

If you like the Go-Go's, you'll like it. (Also, Julee Cruise, people–we've been harping on this one for a while, but we're convinced David Lynch's Twin Peaks chanteuse has had a huge influence on the current crop of lo-fi girl vocalists).

(Oh, by the way–we knew about this video a long time ago. Check out this rumor/gossip post. We're regular Perez Hiltons of indie gossip, aren't we?)

Here's a fan video setting Best Coast's single to footage from whimsical (i.e., dudes–this DVD will get you laid with quirky design students who wear tights as outerwear) French musical Les Demoiselles of Rochefort:

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