Hollywood hopeful Angela Trimbur has had her MTV ups (“Road Rules“) and IMDB downs (stripper on “Reno 911”; girl on “Hannah Montana”) — but no one can accuse her of dancing like somebody's watching.

Strangely, though, the employees/patrons in the background of “Dance Like Nobody's Watching: Laundromat,” currently flying off the YouTube charts, quite literally aren't watching. Not even an annoyed side-glance!

So was it planned? Rigged, like her reality-TV past?? Did she tell them not to watch??? Does that defeat the purpose????

So many existential post-breakup white girl dance party questions right now:

“I just went through a bum of a breakup,” she writes in the YouTube caption. I've been mega sad/low.” So she chose Lykke Li's “I'm Good, I'm Gone” as her soundtrack, and Lucy Laundromat in Echo Park as her stage.

Pretty painful stuff. Namely, 1:12, when Trimbur spontaneously climbs into the laundry cart, only to realize the awkwardness of that decision once it's way too late.

But hey, better than no post-breakup white girl dance party at all! If Napoleon Dynamite can get showered in flowers and memes for that hipster white nerd dance party everyone loved so much, then Trimbur surely deserves a blue ribbon within the confines of her walking stereotype.

The bold “I Will Survive” memo to her ex-BF is also, perhaps, a sign she's moved on from that painful Entertainment Weekly review of her bit part in the 2007 Sundance Festival. Ouch:

Special Jury Prize: Worst Acting This one's a shoo-in. Angela Trimbur, who has stood out in the casts of Road Rules: Extreme and Road Rules/Real World Challenge, should stick to her day job. Playing publicist Jen, Angela said the line ''I must have seen [Titanic], like, 400 times'' as if she were reading it off a cue card. That PG-13-topless shot of her by the hot tub did make the appearance a bit more memorable.

So yeah. For Angela Trimbur, better days are inevitably ahead. One last case in point, circa 2009:

Things aren't looking quite as good for Echo Park. If any future historian ever wants to pinpoint this L.A. burrough's exact moment of transition from Eastside 'hood to Silver Lake 2.0, let them look no further than “Dance Like Nobody's Watching: Laundromat.”

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