TGIF, people. And TG for women willing to strut around for half the population of Long Beach in bikinis the size of baby bibs. Especially when they look like three-time winner Venus Strong.

There's some pretty stiff competition for hottest 39-year-old to currently roam the Earth. Namely, Christina Applegate; the ageless, flawless Erykah Badu; and, uh, Christina Applegate. But something about Miss Toyota Grand Prix 2011 — her plastic surgerylessness, the fact that she's a real-life sexy physician, her freaking bellybutton, perhaps — makes us all, what's an applegate?

And 39 is an important age to be in the LBC this year:

Local hero Snoop Dogg is 39 until October. (So is Koko the signing gorilla, turns out. Yes, we just spent the last 20 minutes browsing “Born in 1931.” Oddly fascinating.) But enough about those old farts. Observe a modern miracle in a sparkly pink thing at 0:56 and 2:45:

Ramos is a case for “California Girls” if ever there was one.

“This time I actually decided to let my age, uh, work for me,” she tells the Long Beach Press-Telegram. “I decided to let experience kind of guide me in being confident and just showing it's never too late. Persistance does pay off, and whatever you want to achieve, you can, if you just keep trying.”

We're going to go out on a limb and say freakish, gravity-defying ass genes soaked in hydrogen/oxygen from the Fountain of Youth don't hurt the whole achieving thing either. Especially if the goal is grand prize in a hotness contest.


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