Few issues in the liberal seaside community of Venice are more contentious than what to do with otherwise homeless RV dwellers who have flocked the artists' enclave in recent years.

City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, who represents the area, has come up with a compromise program, now called Roadmap to Housing (the name has changed a few times) that will allow RVs to park overnight in area lots where dwellers will also see services that could help them get of the streets.

But following last month's double homicide at Venice's Penmar Park

… Rosendahl has taken that location off the list for potential overnight parking.

In a letter last week to Linda Lucks, president of the Venice Neighborhood Council, Rosendahl writes:

The councilman, however, attached a list of 16 other locations in Venice that are still under consideration for overnight RV parking duty.

Mark Ryavec of the Venice Stakeholders Association reiterated his unhappiness with the plan to keep the RVs in Venice. In an email to Rosendahl Wednesday, he wrote:

You can accommodate them all on the Westchester and West LA lots with no difficulty and there you will have adequate setbacks from residents.

A bit of NIMBYism? Maybe. But Ryavec says the RVs have been disappearing from Venice this summer, with only 18 remaining, by his count.

Wonder where they all went.

[Added]: See Venice leader David Ewing's answer to that question in the comments section, below.


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