The battle over the “mobile homeless” in Venice hit a high note Monday when a resident opposed to the constant and perhaps growing presence of RV dwellers posted a YouTube video called “Venice Poo Poo Blues” (after the jump).

Images of the homeless, dilapidated RVs and dumped sewage accompany Johnny Cash-like country blues and original lyrics such as, “Well, I hear that RVcoming / It's rollin down my street / I keep getting wiffs of, that puke and pee / I'm here in Venice Beach / And nothins gettin done / And I'm spendin all my money on security and guns.”

Venice resident Steven Gatto claimed credit for the video. He also said that the Venice Neighborhood Council was meeting Monday morning to urge the county to “provide regular pickups by mobile sump trucks to each region of the City and County to immediately service a growing population due to the poor economic situation,” according to its agenda.

That would be a move Gatto and other anti-RV forces in the beach-side community would rather not see. They want the RVs, which they claim are havens for people who would otherwise be homeless and sometimes be criminals, out of the area.

Defenders of the RV dwellers argue that they have rights as Venice citizens and are in the community because they need services provided by the likes of the Venice Family Clinic.

Los Angeles city Councilman Bill Rosendahl represents the area and has tried to occupy middle ground, initiating a “Streets to Homes” program that would provide special, overnight parking lots for RVs before eventually pushing their occupants into permanent housing.

In the meantime, opponents say they're suffering at the hands of campers who dump their sewage in local gutters. “Venice Poo Poo Blues” argues:

“I might get botulism / Or contract the dreaded AIDS / If these dirty transients keep getting handouts paid / Cause the way things been going / They're getting more than me / While they're dumping on our streets / Our City Attorney keep these dirtbags free!”

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