The Venice beach drum circle, a Sunday spectacle of rhythm and body odor, is now home to six undercover police officers, according to Associated Press.

This after a springtime of violence in the afternoon circles that have included a stabbing and fights. On one weekend alone in April a man was critically shot near Ocean Front Walk and three fights broke out in the drum circle.

We first reported that the LAPD was cracking down on crime along the beach, and that it has. What we can't fathom is how these cops prepare for undercover drum circle duty:

The hardship must be more intense than Navy Seal “hell week,” because drum circle participants are some funky people. Here's what we believe to be the LAPD preparation for such an assignment:

-Don't shower for at least five days (sorry wife and kids).

-Expose your hair repeatedly to burning incense and pot smoke.

-Don't brush your teeth. Make sure they're yellow, gray or brown, or they'll know you're a narc.

-Start shit with people for no apparent reason.

-Pick up on women even though there are holes in your shorts (there must be holes in your shorts).

But seriously, Sgt. Marc Reina told AP the circle has been an issue for a few years, and he said that a sexual assault took place there three years ago.

Some in the community, as we previously noted, are blaming the apparent rise in crime along the beach to young transients. AP:

Nomadic bands of youths who used to pass through Venice have taken up residence in alleyways, living off panhandling, theft and resale of medical marijuana from boardwalk dispensaries.

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