With vaping stores already in a bind because of recent regulations and the new stresses imposed on everyone thanks to the COVID-19 virus, it’s difficult to find enough vape supplies for all of us. Finding the best shop near you is no longer as easy as typing it in your phone; you have to find a place that hasn’t closed down recently and a place that’s still open in the first place!

Fortunately, there are plenty of online vape shops you can still use and get shipments from. This allows you to take advantage of tons of vape shops near you digitally even if they aren’t geographically. Today, let’s take a look at some of these top vape shops and point out which ones will most likely be worth your time.

Best Prices – CentralVapors

Maybe you’re looking for something more affordable than our top choice. In that case, CentralVapors.com might be the perfect vape shop for you. Being online, after all, they’re always near you!

They specialize in vape juices and custom vape accessories above everything else. Regardless of what you buy, you’re likely to get a great deal thanks to their focus on affordability and quantity. As such, they’re a good resource if you want to stock up on a lot of vape supplies so you can survive quarantine over the next couple of weeks (or months)!

For starters, they offer a wide selection of different e-juices. They produce over 120 different flavors and are constantly adding more to their catalog. This means it’s a perfect choice of a company if you always want to be expanding your vape horizon and trying out new experiences. As a bonus, your vape juice will last that much longer because CentralVapors.com doesn’t make your juice until you place your order.

We mentioned price before, and we weren’t kidding. 10 mL bottles are only a little over five bucks, while 50 mm bottles are just under $22. But even better, you can find plenty of discounts if you pick up bulk pricing deals by purchasing lots of vape juices at once.

For instance, you get a significant discount if you pick up a bottle of 250 mL or 500 mL of your favorite juice flavor. CentralVapors.com does offer a premium line that is a little higher end in terms of quality and flavor robustness, but it’s still pretty affordable when you consider that other vape shop premium lines are way more expensive. Also, we’d be remiss not to mention that any shipping charges are waived if you get in order over $50. So CentralVapors.com does its best to inspire you to purchase lots of vape juice every time you visit their website.

Speaking of the website, you’ll be able to intuitively navigate to whatever vape product you want to purchase thanks to the cleanliness and simplicity of its design. You can also find DIY vaping supplies, like juice flavor concentrates or DIY vape kits, from the main homepage. Along with their juices, they sell a wide selection of vape pens, mod kits, and pod systems, or tanks. Other Accessories include vape tanks, chargers, drip tips, and replacement coils if you are attached to a particular pen and don’t want to give it up.

We also like that they have a dedicated e-juice deal page located right on the front of their website. Checking to take advantage of whatever their latest discount offer is takes no time at all, and it’s another reason we’d recommend them for most.


  • Very affordable prices through and through;
  • They offer a lot of promos frequently;
  • Same-day shipping for most orders (after quarantine);
  • Free shipping for orders over 50 bucks;
  • Great satisfaction guarantee;
  • Good selection of accessories and DIY products.


  • A bit limited in some other products, like pens;
  • Stock doesn’t refill that quickly. 

Learn more at CentralVapors.com

Best All-in-One Shop – VaporDNA

Founded in just 2013, VaporDNA.com has arguably become one of the largest online vape store retailers in the world. Not only do they offer vapers an extensive selection of electronic cigarettes, but they also allow you to browse a wide selection of e-liquids and other vaping accessories. 

Read buildable tanks are another big type of product that they carry, as well as other vaping devices, kits, and pod mods. It’s no stretch to say that you can personalize your e-cigarette habit when checking out all they can offer. They have lots of popular pod systems like AIO, SMOK Nord, FreeMax, Suorin, Vaporesso, Aspire, and Ald Amaze.

Their alternative vaping devices set them apart from other online vape retailers. For instance, they offer a series of dry herb vaporizers. These allow you to enjoy a more natural flavor with any of the ingredients or liquids you decide to use whenever you vape. Some people claim that this offers a cleaner hit or experience since they use a convection system to warm the air that passes through an herb. These come in pens or other devices made from a wide variety of materials like ceramic.

E-juice selection is also robust. There are hundreds of different flavors to choose from a dozen manufacturers and new flavor profiles are always being created for customers that want something new.

We’d be remiss not to mention how excellent their website looks, we’d give it a 5/5 star rating. While you, of course, must pass age verification before you navigate the site, you’ll soon be greeted by well-organized shopping experiences. You’ll be able to immediately identify where you need to go as you search for a particular product, and each product has both a name and a picture for quick identification.

Placing your order is pretty simple; all you need is your name and address at first, and VaporDNA can check your identity from there. They also use a secure method of identity verification so your information is kept private. You can pay using most debit or credit cards and even a selection of gift cards or prepaid cards. The only big downside is that you can’t use PayPal as a method of payment.

Orders are usually fulfilled within 24 hours to 72 hours. To make things even better, most of their offerings are fairly affordable and their website is usually filled with several ongoing promotions and other discounts.

In addition to all of their online store benefits, they also have a selection of physical stores, so you might be able to visit one of their retail locations in person and check out their wares before you purchase anything.


  • Wide selection vapor products available at their store;
  • Lots of physical locations as well;
  • Orders are fulfilled relatively quickly;
  • Most typical payment methods are accepted;
  • Personal identity information is kept secure;
  • Website design is well-organized.


  • Can’t use PayPal to pay for your purchase.

Learn more at VaporDNA.com

Best E-Juice – FlawlessVapeShop

FlawlessVapeShop.com is easily the next biggest competitor to CentralVapors in terms of e-juice selection and quality. We’d say they slightly edge out CentralVapors overall even if the latter beats them on the overall price. 

For starters, each of their “vapor liquids” is made with premium manufacturing standards and materials. Their flavors pop over time and blow other competitors’ juices out of the water. They also offer a huge variety of juice flavors and brands; the list goes well into the dozens at even a cursory inspection. The prices for many of these e-juice products are also fairly tame, averaging around $15 per 100 mL. So you can easily stock up or try a bunch of different juices without blowing through too much of your wallet.

Their website allows you to sort through various juice types by brand, reviews, or price, too. Browsing through their digital shelves has never been easier. Of particular note is the fact that they sell lots of “double-packs”, where you can get good deals by securing two bottles of juice for the price of one or maybe one and a half. This allows you to save money in the long run by constantly checking out their new offerings.

They even have a special bundle page on the first page of their website. These allow you to secure three or more bottles of juice all at once, sometimes for as low as $10! You’d be a fool not to check out what they have to offer and scoop up as many bundles as you can when you have the cash.

As the name suggests, FlawlessVapeShop.com also offers a set of “Flawless” products, including vape juices. These are made from an ultra-premium American company that only creates so-called gourmet juices. We have to say, the hype lives up to the name. It will be difficult to go back to other types of vape juice after trying out this stuff. Of course, these juices do come with higher asking prices.

Beyond juice, FlawlessVapeShop.com also provides other vaping products like disposable vapes, hardware starter kits, mods, atomizers, and other vape devices. You can easily build or adjust your vaping pen or other tool thanks to their extensive selection of parts, chargers, and more.

Be sure to check out their BOGO (buy one get one) deals and clearance pages, as these are other great sections to save a buck but still make out with some great e-juice products. All in all, they’re the one-stop-shop if you want the highest-quality vape juice you can find on online markets.


  • Juice quality is easily the best we’ve ever seen;
  • Provides a great selection of different juices;
  • Lots of bundles are available to save money;
  • Also, sell plenty of parts and accessories;
  • Premium brand quality is super high.


  • Premium juice can be quite pricey very fast;
  • Shipping can be spotty, especially now.

Learn more at FlawlessVapeShop.com

What is a Vape Shop?

In a nutshell, vape shops are either brick-and-mortar or online retail stores that specialize in selling all kinds of electronic cigarettes (also called e-cigarette) products. These include e-cigarette themselves, along with their vape-able products and accessories. Vape shops are newer than regular tobacco shops, but they can be found in more areas because they aren’t necessarily as illegal in many areas compared to normal tobacco.

Yet recent legal developments have caused vape shops to be classified as tobacco product manufacturers even if they don’t use tobacco in any of their products. The food and drug administration has designed this to regulate the consumption of vape products, in other words, anyone under the legal smoking age. This has had negative consequences for retail and in-person vape shops, however. Many of them may now go out of business over the next few years as they are forced to deal with new regulations.

Additionally, many states are banning public vaping because of the potential health risks that this addictive chemical can cause. This has another impact on brick-and-mortar vape stores since they can no longer advertise taste testing at their locations without legal ramifications. Time will tell whether in person vape stores manage to return to their former popularity when the habit was first starting to take over.

Thus, online vape stores are becoming more and more popular. They aren’t in as much danger of being shut down thanks to new regulations, and they enable people to receive their favorite products all across the country or world thanks to the proliferation of international shipping. Some online vape shops also incorporate trial packages or taste-testing choices that frequent e-cigarette users can use and enjoy if they want to try out new types of vaping products like they would at a regular vape store.

Why Use an Online Vape Shop for Your Vaping Needs?

Online vape shops have several benefits over traditional retail locations. For starters, they allow you to browse hundreds of thousands of different vape mods and e-cigarette brands from the comfort of your couch or computer chair. You no longer have to visit a retail location and pick up your supplies personally; now you can get them shipped to you for very low costs or entirely for free.

This also allows you to avoid any public ramifications that might arise from consuming e-cigarette products. While most vape-users don’t particularly care about this point, anonymity is important for other people. They may only vape while in private and don’t want to have it to be associated with their outer personality. Online vape shops allow them to partake in their habit without having to deal with others’ judgment or condescension not to mention the additional hassles of leaving your home.

Additionally, online vape shops arguably have a greater selection than retail locations could ever manage such as cessation products. They have access to wider inventories because they can access more warehouses whenever someone makes a purchase, potentially enabling you to try out more e-cigarette products than you could previously.

Lastly, online vape shops allow people who live in states that have already outlawed regular vape stores to still enjoy their habit. It doesn’t fully matter if, for example, Texas outlaws vape shops if you can purchase the same products you did before from a vape retailer based in the state of California… who also has an online store!

How to Find a Good Online Vape Shop Near You

Finding a great online vape shop near you isn’t too difficult. You should always take a look at their inventory and try to find what brands of different e-cigarette products they carry. This way, you’ll know that you can go to them time and again to get what you need and might be able to take advantage of membership bonuses or long-term customer benefits.

Don’t forget to consider the price of this analysis. We pointed out a particularly budget-friendly shop above, but there are plenty of others that make affordable prices a priority. Others may sell more premium vaping juices or CBD and other supplies for higher asking prices. It’s up to you whether you want to prioritize ultra high-quality juice and other accessories or if you want to secure a shop that you can afford for a long time to come.

But you should also pay attention to how far away and online vape shop’s shipping centers are. This may impact whether or not they offer free shipping or how much the shipping fee is if it does cost you some amount of money. Remember that your shipping expenses could end up significantly raising your asking price, especially if you only need a small purchase worth a handful of bucks.

Lastly, consider where the online vape shop is located. As regulations concerning e-cigarettes continue with all, some locations may be forced to close down prematurely or unexpectedly over the next few years. If in doubt, do a quick Google search for “Vape Shops Near Me”. So it might be worthwhile to start shopping at an online vape shop that isn’t in danger of being closed down so you don’t have to deal with any interruption to shipping or inconveniences.


Ultimately, the best vape vaping experience will be determined by which brands you prefer and what flavors you like to use most often. We’d recommend checking out VapePicks to learn about all of the available brands and flavors from each of the three shops we recommended, then going from there. With luck, you’ll be able to rely on these shops for long-term vape supplies for the foreseeable future.


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