Vanessa Tha Finessa is Top Notch: Ghanaian-American rapper Vanessa Tha Finessa has released new single “Top Notch,” which serves as a preview to her EP, due out later in May.

“This one is so special to me,” said Vanessa Tha Finessa in a statement. “It was the first time where I felt like I could lean into the Afrobeats sound and make it my own. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever done because it expanded my creative brain and how I viewed myself as an artist.”

“Come rock my boat,” she croons, “because it’s murder she wrote.” Angela Lansbury references aside, the song is a banger, and further evidence of an impressive rise.

“Vanessa eventually moved across the country to Los Angeles, where she is currently based,” reads the press bio. “It was in L.A. where she met her closest and most consistent collaborator, the DJ/producer Smiles Davis. It was Smiles that encouraged Vanessa to bring her witty personality and dynamic style to music, and in 2019 they recorded her first ever song ‘Run it’ (which was later released in 2022, and featured in the TV series Flatbush Misdemeanors). ‘Run it’ was later followed up with the Bollywood-influenced electro rap track ‘Talk Tha Talk’ (produced by Falcons) and freestyle ‘Bad Bitch Steppin’’ (produced by Karats). Both tracks were accompanied by dazzling visuals shot in Los Angeles. Already having made a bold and explosive impact on the Los Angeles music scene, Vanessa is ready to take her career to global heights and reach new audiences, just like the artists that were able to reach the speakers in her childhood home in Accra.”

Vanessa Tha Finessa is Top Notch: Vanessa Tha Finessa’s “Top Notch” single is out now.


































































































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