Journey Montana Pays Tribute to the 212: Rising R&B star Journey Montana has released new single and video “212,” a musical air kiss to Harlem.

The title, of course, is a reference to the New York area code, and the song is Montana’s first release since signing to independent label 10K Projects. She’s kicking things off with a bang!

“‘212’ was written as a representation of my homecoming back to Harlem, NY,” Journey Monanta explains. “Moving back home from Atlanta was a lot, but Harlem is and always will be my home. As I’m introducing myself to the world, this is something everyone must know as they really get to know me. My first steps, my first kiss, my first song was all in Harlem. No matter where I am in the world, ‘212 is what I’m made from’ and I hope no one ever forgets it.”

According to the press release, “With drum beats you can feel in your head and your stomach, the Harlem-bred singer floats over the sultry production effortlessly as she bares her soul layer by layer. As she reflects on the near-universal fears of growing old, bad exes and her drive to succeed, she remains with her feet planted firmly on the concrete. The accompanying video is full of familiar Harlem iconography, from shiny bamboo hoops embellished with Journey’s name to the solace of the nail salon, hair salons on park steps to the echoey apartment hallways. Like everything she does, “212” is a love letter to the city that made her, and she always knows she can find her way back.”

Journey Montana Pays Tribute to the 212: Journey Montana’s “212” single is out now.
















































































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