Disney is to actresses what Catholic school is to other women. While on the surface they would seem to be places of wholesome goodness and conservative values, somehow their kids end up hiking their skirts up (Britney Spears) and rebelling like Amy Winehouse on a bender.

Our latest certificate of naughty girl achievement goes to Vanessa Hudgens, who was reportedly seen licking a white powder that was on her finger at Coachella over the weekend.

Now, before we come to any Scarfacian conclusions, let's consider the possibilities:

-It was Fun Dip! We all love the tart, sugary goodness of Fun Dip on a hot, spring afternoon. Just the other day Charlie Sheen was saying, Don't bogart the Fun Dip, dude. (We hear he gets it delivered by the suitcase).

-Hudgens over-applied her zinc oxide sun block and decided to have a taste. (Perfectly normal).

-She just finished the most-delicious powdered doughnut and couldn't get enough and thus gagged on the leftover powder, the remnants of which ended up on her poor little finger.


Okay, the substance came from a clear, plastic baggy, according to reports. So that rules out pretty much all of the above.


Funny, Gawker calls it a “mysterious white substance.” We fail to see the mystery.

Gosh. She was so innocent on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, too.

Of course, the Latin American version was known as La Vida Yay de Zack y Cody. So go figure.

(Dear Disney attorneys: We kid).

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