Just a few years ago medical marijuana dispensaries seemed to be a hot entrepreneurial growth industry. These days we don't envy pot-shop operators.

Besides a city crackdown that is supposed to result in the closure of most dispensaries in the city, there has been a string of pot-shop robberies in recent months that have ended in two deaths and two injury shootings. The Los Angeles Police Department, of course, is fighting back:

The robbery of a Van Nuys cannabis outlet in the 13600 block of Vanowen Street on April 27 was caught on security video:

The heist was reported at 1:45 p.m. when two suspects posing as customers got inside the apparently secure shop and one of them pulled out a handgun, police said. An employee was held at gunpoint while the other allegedly took “property.”

Here's the only-in-movies moment, according to an LAPD statement.

As the men were trying to leave the store, they found themselves stuck between two locked doors. In order to make their escape the suspects shot through a glass barrier and ran out of the store. Once outside they drove away in a 2000 model Burgundy Escalade.

Anyone who might recognized these alleged weed wackers was asked to call detectives at 818-374-0074.

LA Weekly