If you're one of the many Angelenos who valet park the car while dining at restaurants, either because of the convenience or because your favorite restaurant is in an area which has few if any other available options, you'll want to watch this KNBC video, which we found via LA Observed. In it Ana Garcia not only describes how valet companies in L.A. are not regulated, but the co-anchor of the 6 p.m. Channel 4 News poses as a valet — complete with outfit and valet stand — to demonstrate how few rules there are, and how oblivious many drivers can be. Like handing their keys, car running, to someone with a fake valet company. And a stand on which it is written that the company is run not by a real valet but by someone “who plays one on TV.”

“It makes you think about it when you go to restaurants,” says one woman-on-the-street Garcia interviews. It's a very funny video, as well as kind of troubling. Guess it's time to watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off again. Okay, those were garage attendants not valets, but still.

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