Valentine at the Viper with Pinktastic Plastixx: Brand spanking new pop-rock band Pinktastic Plastixx, led by Hollywood Pink Lady Kitten Kay Sera, will be celebrating Valentine’s Day early with a show at the Viper Room on Saturday. Color us intrigued, so we chatted with Kitten to find out more.


When did the band form, and what was the mission? Please include band members’ names, and what they play.

Kitten Kay Sera: Pinktastic Plastixx formed roughly in August of 2022 and I actually had to look back at our first band rehearsal pic to figure this out. I had the idea… but it took a while to “cast” the right vibe, right tribe. Because I was not just building a band, I was building a brand. I also had to find girls who not only played great but who liked and would, at least, wear some pink. I mean, with a name like Pinktastic Plastixx it is a big part of it. I also wanted an all ages band and we are all stages of ages — on one stage. Ranging from 20’s to 60’s. The thing is, I was told that I was too old to front a band which, of course, just made me want to do it even more. Therefore, if our band has any kind of message it is DREAMS DO NOT EXPIRE! Do what you want and do it loud and proud… and we are. So without further ado meet the PinktasticPlastixx:


Kitten Kay Sera – lead vocals @kittenkaysera

Alexa Rae – drums @alexa.drums

Aurora Celena -bass @aurora.celena.bass

Celinda Chang -guitar @celindachang

Rocky Rose – keytar @rockyrosemusic


Describe the sound… 

Kitten: I would say pop-rock or pop-punkish? One reporter said we are a cross between Weezer and the GoGo’s. I love that the journalists are also saying that we are the first Barbiecore Band to hit the scene. It has a lot to do with our image and the fact that I have a custom pink blow drier microphone that was designed just for me. No one has this kind of mic and just watch how fast they start copying me. I wanted us to “appear” very Barbie but rock out hard… so it’s a shock when people see us. We also have a Pink Off Contest at each show and  the audience member who has the best pink outfit wins an awesome pink prize!


What had you done before this band? 

Kitten: Oh my gosh! What haven’t I done? I did everything entertainment related. I actually came out to Hollywood for the music industry (I have been a solo recording artist for many years) but got sidetracked into TV, film, commercials and modeling immediately after moving here. I got casted for a Disney film just walking down the street with my pink pup. It’s like they never saw anything like us. I have been on probably 150 media presentations. My favorites were Netflix Amazing Interiors (streaming now), being a guest on The Drew Barrymore Show, and appearing on the cover of VOGUE Magazine 2021. That last one was a dream come true.


What have been the band’s highlights so far?

Kitten: I would definitely say when we opened for the English Beat recently. I grew up listening to them and then our second gig ever and we get to open for them? I was tickled PINK. Oh, and this LA Weekly story. We always appreciate local press. Sometimes it harder to get local press because you’re a bigger deal elsewhere. I don’t know if that makes sense but I have experienced it.


Any recorded output? 

Kitten: We are recording our first single “Super Sexxy” in February and doing a music video to follow in March! Can’t wait to share it with our fans. Summer will be a big season for us. I can see us totally being a beach band and Festival band. We are playing at The Melrose Trading Post (working on dates now) I think it will be a Spring Season show. We may be at The Eclectic Fest too… I’m waiting to hear back! We are booking – so get with us. @pinktasticplastixx on Instagram.


What can we expect from this Viper Room show?

Kitten: Lotsa fun and surprises. I want everyone to come to the show.  We always have a few celebs show up. Last time we played the Viper Room we had Brandon Rogers attend (who is so popular & funny on YouTube with 6 millions subscribers) and Rachel Mason, who’s Emmy nominated documentary Circus Of Books is on Netflix. The current guest list is private and VIP-ink but expect to see some familiar faces. Our live performance will be filmed for the Primetime German TV show Hollywood Madness so also expect to see cameras and paparazzi.

Alexa: You shall expect a bunch of pinkness and rock n roll!

Rocky: Keytar MAYHEM.

Aurora: A lot of fun! I can’t wait to rock out with these girls for the first time

Celinda: A lot of fun and a lot of PINK — we’ve got some great tunes to dance to and love to put on a rockin’ show on stage! Plus, we’re holding a Pink-Off Contest, so come wearing pink for the chance to win a prize!


What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year?

Kitten: Since I got married in 2022, I will spend time with the love of my life.

Alexa: I haven’t made plans yet, I always end up doing that at the last minute. I’m probably gonna go on a date with my boyfriend somewhere.

Rocky: Recreate my first date with my man and go mash buttons at The One Up arcade in Sherman Oaks!

Aurora: Most likely working. No time for dating lately.

Celinda: Staying home and having dinner with my family, probably — we got heart-shaped ravioli and macarons from Costco! I usually don’t do much for Valentine’s Day besides eating chocolate and posting puns and memes on my Instagram stories lol.


What’s your fave ballad / slow jam?

Kitten: “All My Love” by Led Zeppelin (don’t tell me you never got the led out?!  I have to quote School Of Rock).

Alexa: “Bohemian Rhapsody,” hands down!

Rocky: Tenacious D’s “Fck Her Gently”

Aurora: “Untitled” by D’Angelo

Celinda: Does “I Don’t Love You” by My Chemical Romance count?


Fave romantic movie?

Kitten: I have to go with a few RomComs! Pretty In Pink, Legally Blonde and Mean Girls ( I wrote our song “Pink is Punk” based on Mean Girls).

Alexa: Titanic.

Rocky: I’m 100% a sucker for The Notebook but mostly because of Aaron Zigman’s score! 

Aurora: August Rush;

Celinda: Howl’s Moving Castle. Beautifully animated in classic Studio Ghibli fashion with layers of social commentary, whimsical darkness, a magical soundtrack, and just the right touch of romance.


What else does the band have planned for this year?

Kitten: We are doing a music video and recording. I don’t know if your readers know this- but I am officially The Pinkest Person in the World and excited to announce that I will be in the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not book being published and released in September 2023. They are also including a photo of Pinktastic Plastixx, as well. The PINK sky is the limit. 

Alexa: Lots of cool things! A music video, dropping new tunes, playing big shows, and much more!

Rocky: Recording studio and a music video!

Aurora: A lot of cool stuff. We’re planning on opening for some really awesome bands this year and hopefully diving into writing music together.

Celinda: In addition to playing more shows and festivals, we’re hoping to record some songs and music videos so that everyone can experience Pinktastic Plastixx from anywhere!

Valentine at the Viper with Pinktastic Plastixx: The event takes place at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 11 at the Viper Room.



































































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